Personal Injury Law in Atlanta, GA

Tee Okonkwo Sitting in the Office - Attorney in Atlanta, GA
Personal Injury is one of the most interesting areas of the law because there is always potential for big recovery. I enjoy trying Personal Injury Cases because the issues are always recurring. I have won six figure trial verdict and settlements. Such issues include but are not limited to pain and suffering, lost wages, loss of consortium, future pain and suffering. If it is a Wrongful Death Case, the issues would also include the value of life. I have learned from Claims Adjusters that insurance companies maintain a dossier on lawyers and these insurance companies know which lawyers will file suit and try a Personal Injury Case and which lawyers will quickly settle because they loath going to court or do not have the skills to try a Personal Injury Case. The lawyer you choose for your Personal Injury Case must fall in the first category so that such lawyer does not settle your case short.