Experienced Trial Attorney Tee Okonkwo in Atlanta, GA

Tee Okonkwo with Framed Certificates on Background - Attorney in Atlanta, GA
Of everything I do as a lawyer, I find my trial practice most rewarding. I enjoy my career as a lawyer because as a trial lawyer, I am able to make a positive difference in people’s lives. The greatest attribute of American Jurisprudence is the jury; you have the opportunity to plead your case before an impartial jury of your peers. My trial practice may be divided into two areas:

Our Trial Practice Includes:


1. Civil Trial Practice

My civil trial practice includes divorce, domestic relations, child support, business disputes, breach of contract, personal injury and medical malpractice. My trial practice is designed so that from inception, upon taking a case, I am preparing the case with a view that a trial is eminent. This strategy helps me avoid the element of surprise. Whenever I take a new case, there are decisions that must be made immediately. For instance, if it is a personal injury case, the decision that must be made immediately might be whether the client should give a recorded statement to the insurance company. I do not have a general policy of never allowing a recorded statement in all cases; however, if the case involves a serious injury, because I believe in the jury, I will never allow the client to give a recorded statement. I believe that the difference in a six-figure jury verdict I won in Douglas County was that my client never gave a recorded statement to the insurance company.

2. Criminal Trial Practice

My criminal trial practice includes misdemeanors, DUI, serious felonies, aggravated assault, murder, armed robbery, rape and drug crimes. I have won numerous misdemeanor cases and cases involving DUIs, simple battery and family violence battery. I have also won cases involving felonies, aggravated assault, aggravated sodomy, kidnapping, murder, and numerous motions to suppress. In my criminal trial practice, I find the most insurmountable evidence to be the evidence provided to the police by the accused. I respect the police but do not forget the police are in the business of locking people up. You will never explain nor plead yourself out of a crime. Do not forget also that your Miranda Rights do not attach until you are under arrest.